Alek Zieba

NCUR 2014 Mobile Applications

During my mentorship at the University of Kentucky, my mentor (Derek Fox) and I were assigned with building the mobile applications for NCUR (the National Conference on Undergraduate Research) 2014. I focused on the iOS application while my mentor focused on the Android application. Unfortunately, the iOS version is not on the store due to legalities, but the Android version is linked here.


This is an open-source Google Chrome extension that intends to help prevent a user from procrastinating by blocking distracting websites, displaying inspirational quotes, and allowing users to set a "focus timer" in which they cannot change the website blocking capabilities of the extension during the timer.


This is a space-shooter game for iOS that I decided to build to test my game creation skills and after being captivated by a free sprite package online. It is currently available in English, Spanish, and Italian.


Socialwrite (mixture of "socialite" and "writing") is a social network built with Ruby on Rails that revolves around collaborative creative writing. It is currently in βæta stages, but will be showcased at educational conferences this spring.